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Why You Beat Yourself Up

Last week, we talked about conditional love. My lived experience is that it creates...
Weekly Blog

Why You Believe You’re Loved

We grow up believing that we have to earn the love of others. The...
Weekly Blog

We’re All Overwhelmed

Can you identify with the hamster on the wheel in the glass cage, watching...
Weekly Blog

Goodbye 2021; Hello 2022 

For most, 2021 was a tough year, maybe even more challenging than 2020…which was...
Weekly Blog

Starting Anew

All of us want to live good lives. We want to experience success (which...
Weekly Blog

What Would You Attempt if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

My research indicates that one of the biggest fears people have is the fear...
Weekly Blog

You Have No Control

It’s a simple fact: we cannot control life, no matter how much we try....
Weekly Blog

Do Something and Change the World

Do you wrestle with what you could be doing to help others, what you...