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Who’s in Your Inner Circle? 

Fellowship is critical to our spiritual journeys. It serves in helping us be the...
Weekly Blog

What Does the Church Know? 

Last week I asked you to imagine yourself a professional athlete or Olympian, or...
Weekly Blog

The Sacrament…What’s In Them For Me? 

Two weeks ago, we spoke about how most Christians compartmentalize their faith…it’s a Sunday...

Our Biggest Fan and Supporter

Consider this. What if you had someone in your life who knows you so...
Weekly Blog

Do You Compartmentalize Your Faith?

Here’s the thing, most of us Christians compartmentalize our faith, doing it on Sunday...
Weekly Blog

The Missing Ingredient 

Conversion is not a one-off event. While the initial moment of conversion may have...
Weekly Blog

The Real Deal

During this series we’ve talked about the things that overwhelm us, and how many...
Weekly Blog

The Most Important Thing

We began this series the first week of the year, identifying that we’re all...