Overwhelming Pursuit: Stop Chasing Your Life and Live


“Success lets me and everybody else know that I’m important — that I’m worth loving. Success is how I prove my worth in this world.”

That’s what Mark Joseph thought.

He was driven to achieve, and he did. Through his success, he felt loved and respected. He worked night and day to keep feeling important.

But success came at a price.

If you’re overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and running in circles chasing happiness, this is the book for you.

You’ll learn, as Mark did, that the overwhelming pursuit of success stems from our underlying belief that we need to earn love, and that striving for it will somehow cure our lack of self-love. He’ll show you, through his experiences and those of others, that fulfillment has nothing to do with success. It comes from knowing that – despite success or failure – you were created by God for greatness, for love and to be loved.


Mark Joseph is the Vice President of Outreach and Evangelization at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He and his team share the love of Christ with tens of thousands of people every year. He blogs, speaks, and helps men and women who feel overwhelmed by life’s struggles to understand that they are made for greatness.


“For those who are relentlessly searching, bogged down by life, or experiencing the tiresome chase of perfection, “Overwhelming Pursuit” is a must-read! Mark Joseph gives practical answers and thoughtful testimony to the fundamental questions we all ask (or should ask) in life, and leaves the reader not only a glimmer of hope and joy, but the source of it. This book is for those who want to reclaim peace again in their lives amidst the chaos, busyness, and unfulfilling promises of the world.”

Jackie Francois Angel
Speaker & songwriter, and author of “Forever: A Catholic Devotional For Your Marriage”

“Mark Joseph takes the reader by the hand to walk him or her out of the stress, despair, chaos that so many of us live with, into peace and a relationship with God. If you’ve only just begun to look for God, or have been walking with him for years, this book will help you make progress down the road to the kind of life your heart longs for. Clear, intensely practical, and often deeply moving, I recommend it to anyone.”

Dr. John Bergsma
Professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Catholic Theologian, Speaker, and Author of numerous books

“Through Overwhelming Pursuit: Stop Chasing Your Life and Live, Mark Joseph invites the reader to put Jesus Christ at the center of their life and commit themselves to His love. In a winning yet powerful style, Joseph draws on years of faithful service to the Lord in order to reveal the major differences between following the promises of the world or the promises of Christ. Overwhelming Pursuit: Stop Chasing Your Life and Live is worth your time whether you are new to faith or been a disciple for a long time.”

Pete Burak
Director, i.d.9:16, Catholic Speaker

In his book Overwhelming Pursuit, Mark Joseph nails the root cause of our fears, our worries and why we are so busy all the time. He diagnoses the problem, but he doesn’t leave us there. He offers practical action steps so we can live in the freedom we have as God’s children. Read his book to discover the root of our problems and how to overcome them.”

Tom Corcoran
Pastoral Associate at Church of Nativity and Co-Author of “Rebuilt”

“Your guide to peace, joy, fulfillment, and faith is here. In Overwhelming Pursuit, Mark Joseph profoundly gets to the heart of what it means to shift our pursuit of things that leave us unsatisfied. And encourages, teaches and shares with us how to live the life we were destine for; a life of authentic happiness.”

Paul George
Catholic Speaker and Author of “Rethink Happiness”

“In Overwhelming Pursuit: Stop Chasing Your Life and Live, Mark Joseph provides a deeply personal account of his journey from emptiness to wholeness. The lessons he shares will be helpful to anyone who is struggling with the pressures of performance and success.”

Steve Gladen
Pastor of Small Groups at Saddleback Church, Speaker and Author of “Small Groups With Purpose”, “Leading Small Groups With Purpose”, and “Planning Small Groups With Purpose”

“Here’s nitty-gritty, practical mentorship in living Christianity in the real world. In these pages you’ll learn, step by step, how to do the hard stuff: forgive from the heart, apologize, open yourself to the healing power of God’s mercy. If these graces have seemed remote, theoretical, or elusive to you, seek here and find everything you need: a prescription for spiritual health and lifelong conversion.”

Dr. Scott Hahn
Professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Founder of the St. Paul Institute for Biblical Theology, Catholic Theologian, Speaker, and Author of numerous books

“Countless books promise “change” but in “Overwhelming Pursuit” Mark Joseph offers practical insights and wisdom to actually make it happen. Joseph introduces the reader to the God many thought they knew. If you really want to have a joy and peace-filled life, you have to know the giver of life. So if you’re really ready to start living – this book’s for you.”

Mark Hart
Executive Vice President of Life Teen, Catholic Speaker and Author of numerous books

“Overwhelming Pursuit pierces the human condition, both through highlighting everyone’s struggles while also pointing toward the universal remedy. Through personal testimony, raw truth and challenging self-reflection, Mark Joseph challenges his readers to take an authentic look at their current life and ask what could be.”

Katie Hartfiel
Catholic Speaker and Author of “Woman in Love”

“Mark Joseph’s new book, Overwhelming Pursuit, is both inspiring and practical – a great read for men and women of all ages who are looking for the tools necessary to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life!”

Emily Wilson Hussem
International Catholic Speaker, Musician, and Author of “Go Bravely”

“Overwhelming Pursuit: Stop Chasing your life and live” is a practical response to an old universal problem in our society. The question that is at the heart of many lives is: Am I loved? Mark Joseph confronts this question head on. It is a common wound within many. At the same time, Mark helps the reader to move beyond into the realization of God’s love through forgiveness and healing, growing in holiness with practical tools. I recommend this book for its wisdom and direction in the path of becoming fully oneself.”

Bishop Sam G. Jacobs
Bishop Emeritus of Diocese of Houma Thibodaux

“Long ago, St. Augustine confessed the question ‘Is not human life on earth a time of testing without respite?’ Even when all seems to be going well, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with the demands of life, and especially so in this fast-paced, technological age. Mark Joseph, heeding Our Lord’s call to go to him with our heavy labors, offers us the opportunity to learn from his lived experience. Overwhelming Pursuit is a wonderful work which will surely offer many the guidance they need to juggle the demands of an overwhelmed life.”

Curtis Martin
Founder and CEO of FOCUS

“Mark Joseph has done us all a huge service by writing this book. With straightforward points and practical tips, he shines a light on the reasons we struggle to both be happy and holy, and offers inspiring encouragement and honest insights into how we can achieve what we all ultimately want. I loved this book, will read it again and again, and will certainly be giving it to family and friends.”

Katie Prejean McGrady
International Catholic Speaker & Author of “Room 24” and “Follow”

“There are so many reasons people don’t feel they can be great. Fear and sin rob us of being truly ourselves. I love this book because you get to know the heart of the author. Mark doesn’t just talk about God, he knows him and wants you to as well. So, why not let God in, because as Mark says: It’s never too late to start being the person you want to be.”

Chris Padgett
Catholic Speaker, Musician, and Author of “The Mystery of Joy”

“In Overwhelming Pursuit: Stop Chasing Your Life and Live, Mark Joseph shares with us the very basics of our faith. Through personal stories Mark reminds us of the essentials of the Spiritual life; love, forgiveness, suffering, fellowship and God’s abiding presence. Whether you are just beginning on the journey of faith or would like a simple reminder you will find this book very helpful.”

Fr. Dave Pivonka
Franciscan Friar, TOR, Catholic Speaker, Author, and Creator of “The Wild Goose”

“Mark Joseph’s book brings us along on an authentic journey to be free and ultimately experience the love of God! This is a great read for anyone wanting more from life than just merely surviving!”

Randy Raus
President and CEO of Life Teen

If Mary had written a book for her sister Martha, I think it would look a lot like Overwhelming Pursuit. Mark powerfully speaks against the lie that so many of us were raised with—that who we are is based on what we do—and gives great practical wisdom on how to find peace in a world that is obsessed with pace.

Dr. Bob Rice
Professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Catholic Speaker, Musician, and Author

“Mark Joseph writes with genuine and inspiring humility of his own weakness and sin and the effects on his family and in his own soul. He charts a pathway to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ and the blessings that followed. I highly recommend, not only that you read this book but that you apply its principles to your own life.”

Sr. Ann Shields, SGL
Member of The Servants of God’s Love, a Catholic Speaker, Radio Host, and Author of numerous books

“We need more down to earth and practical books like this, and Mark Joseph delivers. He shares his insights, born of experience, that have helped him live a fulfilling life. And he invites readers to tackle tough questions so they can live that life too!”

Chris Stefanick
Catholic Speaker and Author of “I Am ___________” 

“In a world where image appears to be everything, Mark has given us a book that truly calls us to dive deeper into the “why” of our lives. Why do we do what we do, and pursue what we pursue? Through testimony, story, wisdom, and faith, you hold in your hands a call to greatness and a witness to the joy and peace that the world cannot give.”

Sarah Swafford
Catholic Speaker and Author of “Emotional Virtue, A Guide to Drama Free Relationships”


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