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Mark Joseph

Weekly Blog

Do Something and Change the World

Do you wrestle with what you could be doing to help others, what you...
Weekly Blog

How Did We Get Here? 

We’re living in a time where things are different. They’ve changed pretty dramatically, in...
Weekly Blog

What’s Really Meaningful? 

What do you read to inspire you? Or listen to? What inspires you? I...
Weekly Blog

Mark’s Favorite Quotes (pt. 2)

This week is a continuation of the quotes I have saved on my phone...
Weekly Blog

Keeping Prayer Practical

Hey *|FNAME|*, How’s your prayer life? Up and down? Off and on? I’ve posted...
Weekly Blog

Leadership is Critical…Some Helpful Tips

Have you ever noticed how a change in leadership can immediately change things…for better...
Weekly Blog

Mark’s Favorite Quotes (Pt. 1)

I see quotes in different places that I invariably save on my phone and...
Weekly Blog

Secret to Making Others Feel Special 

What is the single greatest way to make someone feel special? Reflect on your...