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Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

We’ve all heard before, “Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner”. Is that how you handle conflict? Or do you, like me, fail to abide by that practice?
I remember living through my first wife’s addiction, confessing to my therapist how upset I was with her. Given the family dysfunction related to addiction, the disease was killing her and it was killing me, emotionally and physically (stress, weight loss, headaches). Gratified to hear that my feelings were normal didn’t mean that they were acceptable. Having heard the above expression previously, it was the first time I really began to understand “hate the sin, not the sinner”.    

In Scripture we read…“do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12) and “you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). Another Scripture verse that speaks to this issue is where Peter asks how often he is to forgive. Jesus responds to him in Matthew 18:22, “I do not say to you even seven times, but even seventy times seven times”.

All of these verses speak to “hate the sin, not the sinner”. As I’ve learned, one of the tricks is to not assume malice. Most often, when someone does something that upsets you, they’ve not done it to intentionally hurt you. It helps to have an attitude of understanding, believing that the other person wasn’t intentionally wanting to harm you, then working to resolve the matter. BTW, all of this is easier said than done. It really takes practice.

My experience would indicate that there’s another factor in all of this, that is the complicity that we may have in the conflict. How have our actions added to the dilemma? What role have we played? How does how we feel about ourselves contribute to the reaction we’ve had? All questions I’ve had to ask myself as I mature in life and in my faith.

Let’s consider a more global issue, i.e. abortion. As Christians, I’m hopeful that we can all agree that it is an intrinsic evil, as identified by the teachings of the Church and documented by the Unite States Conference of Catholic Bishops. After 49 years, Roe v. Wade was finally overturned by the Supreme Court, an answer to many prayers by many people for many years.

With the above, we’ve seen some real ugliness, whether it be personal attacks, protesting that turns violent, pro-life facilities being vandalized, and threats being made.

As Christians, we need to abide by Matthew 7:12 and 18:22, as well as Mark 12:31. We need to recognize that ALL OF US are beloved children of God. We’re also all sinners, each and every one of us. Another verse I’m reminded of here is when Jesus says, “how can you see the splinter in your brother’s eye and not see the board in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3).

It may be easy to hate the protesters sited above. I get it and I’m guilty of it. Their actions are reprehensible. But that’s not what Jesus calls us to do. And the reality is that hating them isn’t going to change them, nor our world.

I’d encourage all of us to try very hard to “hate the sin, not the sinner”. It’s the only way we’re going to change hearts and change our world. I’d also suggest that we examine our role in all things. And always, for guidance and as our greatest example, go to Jesus.

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Always remember…God made you for GREATNESS!!!

Mark Joseph

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Five Ways God Speaks to Us (that don’t include prayer)

I recently read the “Bible in a Year”, where the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs are broken up into 365 (one for each day) sections. I’ve done this two-times in the past, the first just reading it, the second praying through it. My focus this year was on the New Testament, wanting to really pray through the verses.
When doing it for the first time, I remember being mesmerized by the fact that God was talking to people in the Old Testament on a regular basis. Having never heard the audible voice of God, I said to a couple of friends, “I wish God would talk to me just once in a while”. I recall the two of them answering almost in unison, “He’s talking to you all the time; you just need to pay attention”.   
They were absolutely right. A partial list of the ways God talks to us outside of Prayer include:

  1. A conversation you have
  2. Book or verse you read, including Scripture
  3. A song you hear
  4. Something you see, i.e. billboard
  5. Something you experience

I’ve written before about living in a place of gratitude, part of which is believing that everything happens for a reason…there are no coincidences, no mistakes. As such, I believe all happens according to God’s grand plan, for each of us individually as well as for all of humanity.

Consistent with the above, I’d invite you to look for God in everything you do. He’s always there. And He’s speaking to you all the time, whether it be a conversation you’re having, a book, a song, something you happen to see or experience. God is there. He’s present. He’s speaking into everything you do in your life.
The above doesn’t negate our need for prayer. God wants to be in relationship with us more than anything else. He being who and what He is, we should want to be in relationship with Him. Prayer is critical. We can’t thrive without it.
Having stated the above, God speaks to us in ways other than prayer, namely numbers 1-5 above. Pay attention. God is with you always.
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God Bless you on your Path to Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment!!!!
Mark Joseph

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Week #10 – Becoming the Best Possible You

This is the 10th of our 14-week program, where we provide Lesson #10, Becoming the Best Possible You. Given what we discussed in Lesson #8 (in understanding God’s unconditional love, the unimaginable is achievable), I’m sure it won’t be a surprise that the things I’d suggest in “becoming the best possible you” are rooted in our faith.

In Chapters 9 and 10 in my book, I provide a litany of things that not only help us grow in faith, but will lead to a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment. Today I’d like to talk about two. Although they may not appear overly “sexy”, they’ve changed my life. They include:

  • Prayer
  • Spiritual Reading

Give me a chance here. Let’s review each individually.


First, if you struggle with prayer, know that you’re not alone. Almost everyone struggles with prayer. Second, you may struggle with prayer because you think you don’t get anything out of it. I was there at one time too. Here’s how I solved for it.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Rote Prayer – for a long time, I’ve said rote prayers, specifically the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. Since my conversion, I’ve added to that the long form of the Serenity Prayer and a prayer that I wrote in 2009. The difference as opposed to before, is that I now hang on every word of each of those prayers, praying through them very, very slowly. You’d be amazed what it does for your prayer life, your connectedness to God, when you do this.

Quiet Time – 7-10 (even 15) minutes in the morning, a great way to start your day. Eyes closed, in solitude, describe an issue to God. It could be a challenge or an opportunity. It could be something you want to examine about yourself or find insight in others. It can be anything. Describe it to our Lord, providing your thoughts and ideas, your fears and ambitions. Then sit in silence. Wait to hear what Jesus has to share with you. Although I’ve never heard the audible voice of God, He speaks to my heart….I’ve never left this prayer time disappointed. It’s also a great opportunity to journal.

Spiritual Reading

Scripture – the first that I’d point to is reading Scripture. I love the saying, “it’s one thing to know the Bible, it’s another to know its Author”. The only way to get to know its Author, God, is to read Scripture. In reading short passages, I’d suggest two things:

  • Imagine yourself at the time of Christ; how do you see yourself handling the situation, reacting to what occurred?
  • Pray through what the relevance is in your life today

Faith Based Books – ten minutes a day will change your life. As an author, it amazes how many people don’t read. It’s true, many don’t. Struggling with reading as a youth, for years now I read 30-60 minutes before going to sleep every night. It doesn’t have to be that for you. Just 10 minutes a day (night) will have a tremendous impact. There are so many great books out there, those which speak to the heart and the head. I know you can find some that speak to you. I list some of my favorites is in the back of my book.

Suggested Actions

This week’s suggestions are pretty simple (not always easy) and obvious, given the above:

  • Pray
    • Very slowly, say your rote prayers, hanging on and praying through every word
    • Quiet time – share with our God what’s most on your heart
  • Spiritual Reading
    • Read and pray through some Scripture every morning (I’d suggest starting with the New Testament)
    • Read faith-based books that speak to you
  • Watch this Friday’s video on this same subject….it will be emailed to you.

Please join us next Wednesday for Week #11 when we talk about the Path to Peace. As always, please feel free to get to me with questions, comments, or concerns at

God Bless you on your Path to Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment!!!

Mark Joseph


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